Thursday, 13 October 2011

10 band and lagu pilihan aku :)

tak payah nak mukadimah sangat ye.
band: sum 41
song: pieces

Band: The Killers
Song: Mr. Brightside

Band: Paramore
Song: Thats what you get

Band: System of a down (S.O.A.D)
Song: Toxicity

Band: All american reject
Song: Its end tonight

Band: Fall out boy (FOB)
Song: Dance dance

Band: The academy is...
Song: Everything we had

Band: Boys like girls
Song: Hero/heroine

Band: 30 seconds to mars
Song: A beautiful lie

Band: My chemical romance
Song: I'm not okay

Sebenarnye banyak lagi. Next entry aku sambong lah ye :P

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